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OSRTT PRO - the new and improved version of the open source response time tool! It's main features are:

  • Huge brightness range (60 to 1200 nits)
  • Improved accuracy
  • Increased dynamic range
  • Built in OLED 
  • Easier to service design


This is an all-new design - it features FIVE photodiodes for the best low light sensitivity, a high bandwidth, high slew rate op-amp to convert the current from the photodiodes into a measurable voltage, a true 256 step variable gain for the best accuracy at any brightness level, and the built in OLED so you can have a clearer and easier to use experience with the tool. This is a huge leap forward in design compared to the standard version, and has made the testing process even easier for me.


THIS IS NOT A LATENCY TOOL. This will test monitor/system latency, but not in games, nor will it test peripherals. If that sounds like what you want, you're after an OSLTT unit.


UNITS ARE BUILT TO ORDER, HAND BUILT IN THE UK, AND CAN SHIP WORLDWIDE. Build time can be up to 4 weeks thanks to chip shortages, but in general I aim to have units built, tested and validated within 1 - 2 weeks. 

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